Jennifer Levine

Jennifer Levine has focused her creative practice on community engagement and is most known for her mural arts programs for children. In her artwork Jennifer fuses modernist styles of painting with her background as a puppeteer, and as a graduate of the San Francisco School of Circus Arts.

Her colorful and expressive compositions teem with people, shapes and forms ready to burst off the canvas or wall. Incorporating words and phrases, as well as motifs as metaphor are an integral part of her visual language. The circus is a recurring theme to signify vitality, love and laughter. She paints community in all its forms — in the shops and restaurants, schools and churches, and the individuals who gather in these places. Often representing intergenerational families of all ethnicities, her figures telegraph relationship with gestures such as hugs, eye contact, hand-holding, and dancing.


phone: 973 634-3378


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